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Welcome to Smokey Shay's tobacco shop. We sell cigarettes, cigars, e-cigs, tobacco pipes, tobacco accessories, vaporizers, clothing, jewelry, unique gifts, crafts, and MORE!
We carry multiple brands of e-cigs (electronic cigarettes) with over a hundred flavors to choose from. Many of which are available to taste before you buy.
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Store Locations

Winston-Salem: We are conveniently located on Burke Street in Winston-Salem, NC.
Greensboro: Our second location opened June 2013 on Spring Garden St. in Greensboro, NC.

Interest Free Layway

We have an interest free layaway plan that includes sale items. If you see something you like, you can secure your item by making payments. Once all payments are complete, it's yours to keep.

Vapor Cigarettes: E-Cigs (Electronic Cigarettes), Liquids and more

Vaporizers have become very popular in the last few years. It's a more healthy alternative to smoking and can be used in most public places that do not allow smoking. Be sure to check out our selection of electronic vaporizers. We have lots of brands to choose from like: Dkang, Ecto, V-smoke, Buck Naked, Lions Head, Madvapes, Taste-E, Fantasia, NicQuid, and Starbuzz brand e-liquids. Our starter kits are affordable and we carry a wide selection of flavors. Some of our more popular flavors are Jolly Mellon, Sweet Tarts, Southern Freeze, Snickers Bar, Cotton Candy, Mint Chocolate Chip, Pina Colada, and Blueberry Cheesecake.

Our Glass Pieces

We carry some of the top name brand glass in the industry. Here at Smokey Shays, you can purchase top shelf glass like illadelph, Roor, Sasquatch and Phat Tubz. We also carry local glass made from people within North Carolina. Prices range from $15 dollars to $1,000.

Latest Product Review

Vapir NO2

The Vapir NO2 is the perfect vaporizer for vaporizing tobacco on the go. Its compact size allows users to put it in a glove box or an oversized pocket. The battery life is as good as any other vaporizer. I haven't had any problems with battery after some long vape sessions. I keep mine charged like a cell phone. You can use it while it's plugged in but the beauty of the No2 is its ability to move around. The NO2 allows users to adjust the temperature up or down as needed. If the temperature gets too hot, it will give your tobacco a burnt taste. Not hot enough will not give you the toke you are looking for. I've found that 365 degrees works best for my tastes. It's best to make sure that your tobacco is finely ground so as to give the heat more surface area to contact and enjoy. The Vapir NO2 comes with a scoop for a recommended dosage. I think it's a little conservative and usually double the amount, about 3/4 of the way full. The wooded stir sticks are also a bonus as you can easily take the top of the device off and stir the contents for a fresh hit. The stir sticks also are great for scrapping the metal screen without worrying about puncturing it. The Vapir NO2 comes with everything you need to clean and maintain it. It's nice when you buy a vaporizer and it's ready to go out of the box without having to purchase anything separately. I would defiantly recommend the Vapir NO2 as a cost efficient, (I paid $180 for mine) semi-compact vaporizer.